Double Help – Twins!

In Home

Double Help – Twins! (In Home)

This package is the perfect choice for parents of twins, triplets (or more!). We will help your family establish healthy sleep habits for your children in less than 2 weeks. As a parent, juggling 1 is hard enough, but when you have 2 or more, things get a little trickier, especially when you are sleep deprived! This package includes a face- to –face consultant in the comforts of your home, a sleep environment and room assessment, a preliminary detailed questionnaire assessment for each child, personalized sleep plans for each child, supportive sleep coaching and ample follow-up support.


  • In Person Consultation (1.5 hr)
  • Telephone follow-up support (3 x 15 min phone calls in 1st week)
  • Email support (1 email per day for 14 days)
  • WeeSleep Tips Handbook – This covers everything you need for down the road so your investment doesn’t go sideways in case you do not know how to handle something. It covers; traveling, maintaining social time and naps, daylight savings, nap transitions- everything you need for things that will come up down the road.

You are so close to sleep!

We just need a little more info to get you connected with your personal WeeSleep Consultant. No matter where you are located, we have a Professional WeeSleep Consultant to help you and your family! If you already know who you want to work with or to simply book a FREE 15-minute call with one of the Dream Team, find them below under “Choose Your Consultant”, if you want to find someone closest to you, find one below as well. Regardless of where you are, we have someone to help you with healthy sleep ASAP thanks to the power of FaceTime, Skype and phone!

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