Become a WeeSleep Sleep Consultant!

The secret is out: now is the best time in history to start a business from home.

The only question is whether or not you’re ready and have what it takes to seize this opportunity. To finally launch that dream business from home that you’ve been thinking about all these years.

For the last decade, WeeSleep has helped hundreds of women that have dreamt of building a business from the comfort of their own home. One that provides life-changing financial freedom, while still allowing them to spend time with their families. All aspiring entrepreneurs have that one moment — that split-second where the switch finally flips, and they go from wanting to start a business, to actually starting one.

Now, everyone’s moment is different. For some women, it’s learning that a new bundle of joy (along with new financial responsibilities) is on the way. For others, it’s the loss of a job or reduction in pay/hours. And for some, it can even be something as simple as an Instagram post or Twitter comment.

Regardless of the reason, once that moment hits there is no looking back…at that point you’re destined to launch a business.

This is where things can start to get a little tricky. Having your moment and deciding you’re ready to launch a business is one thing. Knowing what to do next is a completely different one. That’s why WeeSleep has worked so hard to develop a turnkey program for women looking to build a business of their own. One that leverages the power of an established brand, but still provides the freedom to let them run and grow the business on their own schedule and terms.

For WeeSleep Dream Team members that join our sleep consultancy program, the difference is in the training. Having helped countless consultants launch their businesses from home, we’ve developed a proven blueprint for our team members. One that allows them to learn from all the successes and mistakes of those who have come before, ensuring their new business gets up and running (and generating revenue) fast!

Every new WeeSleep Dream Team Consultant goes through a thorough four-week virtual training program. During these sessions, the women learn everything they need to know about being a sleep consultant, including the science behind infant & toddler sleep, handling basic to complex cases, the WeeSleep approach to sleep methods, and a comprehensive review of our tools, templates, processes, workshops, sales tips, protocols, and steps to SUCCESS!

With a commitment of 5 to 6 hours per week over the course of four weeks, our training program fits into even the busiest of lives, ensuring no mom has to sacrifice taking care of her family in order to build her business.

Once the training is complete, our Dream Team members are able to hit the ground running, growing their business with the help of our extensive collections of tools and services, including:

  • The WeeSleep Business Kit
  • Ongoing mentorship, coaching and industry training
  • Shared templates, logos, and other business tools
  • One-on-one strategic business coaching
  • Exposure on our Consultants page dedicated to the team
  • Tradeshow material designs and files
  • Promotional materials
  • Monthly team training calls
  • Business coaching + entrepreneurial support
  • Prepared presentations
  • Efficient work-flow systems
  • Team support website
  • & more!

Our goal is to take the ambitious, driven women who have experienced their moment, and give them the training and tools to immediately get their own home-based business off the ground. We take the lonely path of entrepreneurship, and turn it into a fun, collaborative environment where female entrepreneurs are coaching and supporting one another.

And the results? Well, they speak for themselves. As one of the largest infant and toddler sleep consulting businesses in the world, our method for taking aspiring entrepreneurs and helping them launch their own businesses has proven itself time and time again.

So, the only question now is: are you ready?

Running your own business is one of the most challenging, rewarding things you will ever do with your life. Members of the WeeSleep Dream Team feel empowered, encouraged, and passionate. They leap out of bed every morning knowing they get to spend the day doing something they love, all while providing life-changing financial freedom for their family.

If this sounds like you, consider this your moment. Now is the time to start!