Do you have a picky eater?

For all of you who know and follow me, you would know that I am a very healthy eater and love clean living (and I LOVE red wine and jujubes too..but everything in moderation right?!).

You would think that with my families super clean eating style my son would be the worlds best and healthiest eater right?   Well I tell ya what, before a few months ago I made him a separate meal every night for dinner. Like a KING! His Majesty only wanted noodles with butter or “red sauce”, maybe one slice of cucumber and meatballs occasionally and sometimes when I put them in he freaked out and all of a sudden didn’t like them! I ran around heating his meal, adding crackers, taking away veg, giving him Franks Red Hot (which he LOVES). Dinnertime was NOT fun nor relaxing. Ofcourse our goal as moms is to please our little ones right? Well, I drew the line- dinners were a joke and I was FED UP!

I thought there has to be a way for him to eat what we eat. Why wouldn’t he? Its good? Its healthy and TASTY!   I was actually kind of embarrassed to tell people he was the worst eater. Like…what did I do wrong here? He ate AH-MAY-ZING as a baby- he loved salmon, quinoa, cottage cheese etc. Recently if I said the word “salmon” he would say DISGUSTING!

In the middle of my food dilemmas up popped a post online from a previous client I worked with, Danielle Binns and the post title SANG to me….PICKY EATER PROTOCOL.


I signed up for her webinar to hear more and then immediately signed up for the course.

These are the things that really attracted me to her course:

*Why do kids refuse new foods before it even touches their lips?
* How can you get them to at least TRY before they say no?
* What can all parents do differently at mealtimes (to improve their willingness to eat something different)?

Danielle Binns is a Certified Nutritionist + Picky Eating Expert. More importantly she is a mom who gets it. Her research-based strategies have changed mealtimes forever for many families, including her own.

Get answers, clarity (and some sanity) on June 1st at her complimentary webinar! Register here

In this webinar Danielle will show you:

* 5 of the BIGGEST reasons why a child won’t try new foods (and how to fix them)
* Proven strategies for introducing new foods you can start doing right away
* 4 critical steps to transform picky eaters into healthy eaters (for the short and long term)
* 3 mealtime myths every parent with a picky eater needs to know

You’ll also get your hands on a few bonuses you are going to LOVE.

IMG_1684I didn’t even finish reading before I had signed up and was ready to go. The program was LIFE CHANGING. Within 1 week my son was eating everything we ate for dinner and enjoying it! And if he didn’t like it, he tried it and made a decision on his own. He now eats what we eat. He eats everyIMG_1694thing from Cabbage Soup to  Chicken Caprese Pasta. And guess what…? No more running around to cater to him TRYING to make him happy and then getting him to finish!

He loves his meals and the first thing he says when he gets on the door is “What’s for dinner Mommy?”.
If this sounds like you, trust me when I say, you are NOT alone and dinners can be SO much easier.

The program was clear, easy to follow, not overwhelming and Danielle is a gem who knows her stuff. Her Picky Eater Protocol 6-week program runs 3 times a year at the moment with a session starting June 15th. It is worth every penny…when it comes to kids, I believe health (on all fronts) is important! SLEEP + FOOD- they go hand in hand. I had the sleep down pat, now the food is taken care of too (phew!).  Jump on the webinar June 1st to hear more and get to know Danielle.

Change your food game and reach out to Danielle.  You will not regret it.


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Do you have a Picky Eater?