Diversity & Inclusivity Statement WeeSleep Stands with You Image Credit: @kaykroshus

Diversity & Inclusivity Statement WeeSleep Stands with You Image Credit: @kaykroshus

WeeSleep Stands with You

WeeSleep is saddened and appalled by recent events, including the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the other members of the Black community whose lives were cut tragically short. These crimes were heinous, unjust, and a reminder that we have so much more work to do as a society.

Our company was built around a single mission: to help people dream. But when entire communities are told they cannot share the same dreams, or they have their dreams cut tragically short at the hands of others, we cannot allow ourselves to rest until we right these wrongs.

Let us be clear: WeeSleep stands against racism. We stand against police brutality in all forms.
We stand against a criminal justice system that disproportionately targets Black Americans. And we stand against the widespread disenfranchisement of Black and Brown communities.

To all the Black dreamers out there – we stand with you, and are so grateful for your continued courage. While we cannot begin to fully understand or share the pain and suffering you’re experiencing, we do understand that our company – like all companies – has a role to play in working toward a solution.

With that in mind, we want to share the evolving plan of actions we are taking to stand up and speak out against racism, and serve as an ally to our Black employees, customers, partners, friends, families, and communities – not just for the near future, but for the long term:
We will learn. I am working with our leadership team to compile resources to educate ourselves and our employees on the issues, challenges, and actions that we all can take both at work and at home.
We will seek help. We recognize that we do not hold all the answers, and as such, are actively seeking experts to educate our team on implicit and explicit biases, reflect critically on past actions, and understand how we can continue to provide safe spaces for our employees and customers.

We will build.

WeeSleep remains committed to building a diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist workplace. We are striving to do better, and we’re committed to reviewing internal hiring practices to make WeeSleep a welcoming place to work for everyone.

We will speak.

WeeSleep remains dedicated to amplifying Black voices. That means partnering with more Black content creators and influencers, and Black owned baby brands, and using our platforms as a megaphone to share important resources and tools for our community.

WeeSleep strives to do more.

We will continue to use our voice, educate ourselves, and most importantly, listen. We must learn how we can collectively address the pain and hardships that stem from institutionalized racism.


In solidarity,
Janey Reilly
CEO, WeeSleep