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Certified Niamh Burke

Niamh is a lover of life and the outdoors but motherhood is the most beautiful part of her story.

As a mother of two adventurous little girls, with a background in Orthopedic Administration at Sick Kids Hospital, Niamh is a firm believer that a well-rested child means a happy child.

She wanted to be able to hike, explore and travel with her daughters, which meant they had to be getting the appropriate amount of sleep. Her passion for helping children sleep grew from there. She’s learned that by teaching children to sleep with a positive association, they not only achieve sleep but enjoy sleep!

Whether you need guidance to help a newborn, infant, toddler, or even a school-aged child sleep, Niamh will implement a customized sleep plan and method that you feel confident with. Niamh will work alongside you, offering you support and setting you up for success.

Niamh knows that helping your child develop healthy sleep habits can be confusing and time-consuming; she brings empathy, understanding and knowledge to sleep consulting and feels passionately about giving parents time for self-care, rest and relaxation.

Niamh knows sleep is essential in order for children and parents to feel their best. She is here for you every step of the way and can’t wait to bring positive, healthy sleep to your home.