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Certified Megan Schuchart

Megan is originally from Louisiana, but since she was 4 years old, she has considered Texas her home. Megan attended Texas A&M University where she received a bachelor’s degree in Health and also met the love of her life. She loves reading, playing chess with her husband, and her full night of sleep. She currently resides in Houston, TX with her husband, Maltipoo and two little boys – August and Archie.

During her first pregnancy, Megan worried about her new life and where her time to spend with her husband would go. After she had her first son, she realized how challenging the days were to navigate on broken sleep and thankfully, she stumbled upon sleep training. It truly transformed her life as a mother – she got a full night of rest, more time for herself, and a very happy, well rested baby (who will now ask to be put to bed). She started getting asked by her friends and family for help getting their children to sleep, and she found she loved how rewarding it was to hear the joy and relief in their voices when their baby slept through the night.

When Megan found out she could actually make sleep coaching a career and help more families get the sleep they so desperately need, she knew it was her calling. She is so deeply passionate about children’s sleep and how important it is for the entire family to get quality rest, that she has dedicated herself to helping as many families as she can. Megan looks forward to working with all of her clients and is so blessed to be able to help families learn how to achieve a silent night.