Certified Marlene Fragiskatos

Marlene graduated from the University of Windsor with a degree in Human Kinetics. Before having children, Marlene worked at Mount Sinai Hospital in their Function and Pain Program. After two children and making the decision not to return to work outside the home, Marlene and her husband decided to make the move to London, ON. Shortly before becoming pregnant with their third child, Marlene decided it was time to get back into the work world and make new adult connections. After speaking with a girlfriend of hers who had terrific success with WeeSleep, a light bulb went off and she knew this was the route she was meant to take.

Marlene has always been extremely passionate about her children’s sleep. She has experienced the negative effects that lack of sleep can have on a parent, child and family but she also knows how elated a good night sleep can make a parent feel. She often refers to that “giddy” feeling you get when you wake up in the morning to learn that your baby has slept through the night – there is nothing like it! Marlene is committed to giving that sense of empowerment to parents through way of sleep and she is extremely grateful that they trust her to give them and their children the sleep they want, need and deserve!