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Senior Consultant Leanne Bruni Twins Specialist

Leanne Bruni

Senior ConsultantLocation: Team Lead



Leanne is a Twins Specialist and loves sleep! She realized just how much she loved it and how important it was when her oldest son started waking frequently through the night at 7 months. Instead of trying to figure it all out herself (not ideal with new mom brain and little sleep!), she decided to ask for help. WeeSleep’s gentle and positive methods helped her son develop strong sleep skills quickly. Her family was able to travel to Italy 10 days later and her son adapted to the travel and time change beautifully. Then along came twins! WeeSleep was one of the first to know she was having twins, right after her mother and her midwife! All three of her children, thanks to WeeSleep, are five star sleepers. A consistent routine and an appropriate bedtime have helped them to be happy, easygoing kids and their parents are more present and focused.

Leanne is a family chiropractor in Durham region. She knows the importance of a good night’s rest, developmentally and neurologically and she is incredibly excited to help tired families get the healthy, restorative sleep they need. Leanne is here to work with you and implement a custom sleep plan for your family. She is here to guide you, answer any questions and keep you on track. She can’t wait to see you succeed!

Having great little sleepers benefits the whole family. Leanne will help bring balance, consistency and a love of a proper night’s rest back into your home.