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Kealey Foster




Kealey is Saskatchewan raised and received her BA Kin. from the UofL in Alberta. Being health and wellness minded, those things felt impossible to attain when her 8 month old daughters frequent night wakings were causing a sleep deprived ripple effect within the family. As a Type 1 diabetic she also saw firsthand how sleep deprivation was having a negative effect on her overall health. She was exhausted and second guessing every move on the sleep front, until she discovered WeeSleep…

Once her daughter was a ‘rockstar sleeper’ and had a solid routine it was life changing. When her second baby arrived, having the confidence acquired from WeeSleep made each transition and regression much easier. Loving the Mom role but craving something to ‘fill her own cup’ again and having had such a positive experience with WeeSleep Kealey discovered a new passion; helping families overcome their little ones sleep issues in a gentle, loving way with methods that WORK!! Living in a rural area with agriculture as her family’s livelihood the flexibility to work from home was also very important. Joining the Dream Team was the perfect fit. Kealey loves meeting new people, connecting, and helping them through a tough exhausting stage, as she can relate. Kealey believes no family should run on caffeine and fumes (she’s been there – doesn’t recommend it) and can’t wait to help you and your little one(s) live rested!