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Certified Justine Reynolds

Justine was born and raised in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. She enjoys being outdoors whenever she can. Weather it be waking down to the river behind her house, biking, camping, or just enjoying the views.

She became a mom to baby girl, Raya in 2018 and quicky discovered what true exhaustion felt like. Her husband works in the oil field and is away for long stretches of time, which made things feel even more difficult. She wanted to help her family with sleep but didn’t know where to start! (Things they don’t tell you when you leave the hospital). After 12 tired months, they made the investment in a WeeSleep Consultant. The success that they had after the two weeks of following the plan was life changing.

Justine believes in the WeeSleep philosophy and from her own experiences became very passionate about helping other families. She is compassionate, detail-oriented, and thrives on helping families implement the routines necessary to achieve those restful nights! She will be your coach, keep you on track and help you stay committed to your plan.