Certified Christina Budd

Christina was born and raised in small town called Collingwood, Nova Scotia. She attended Dalhousie University where she met her husband. This brought her to Toronto where she found a job that she absolutely loved with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. Christina also has a major passion for fitness and had been working as a personal trainer specializing in pre/postpartum fitness and coaching group fitness classes.

In March of 2021, Christina welcomed her daughter Charlotte to the world. While pregnant, Christina read every book possible to prepare for motherhood. She went into it feeling ready and thought it was going to be a breeze! However, Charlotte had other plans. For the first 3.5 months of her life, Charlotte did not like to sleep in her bassinet, she was awake every two hours through the night, and she had a strong feeding to sleep association. Then a miracle happened! Christina was the lucky recipient of a Mother’s Day Giveaway where she received a sleep program from WeeSleep and when Charlotte was ready, she completed the program. Within 3 days Charlotte became the perfect sleeper. Charlotte went on to skip all sleep regressions moving forward, she is now 14 months old and thriving! Christina is now expecting baby number two and could not be more excited to introduce healthy sleep habits right from the start.

The benefits of a full nights rest began to show quickly in the household. This newfound energy and freedom sparked a passion in Christina to help as many families as possible get this same feeling. Christina took the opportunity to join the WeeSleep Dream Team and has been enjoying sharing her knowledge and firsthand expertise with families all over the globe ever since.