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Certified Cecilia Krol

As a young wife and mother, Cecilia knows how sleep deprivation can be challenging for the whole family. Before sleep training, Cecilia would dread bedtime – she knew that her daughter was capable of sleeping through the night, but just wasn’t sure how to keep those long sleeps consistent. Restless nights would lead to exhausting days.

After their first full night’s rest, Cecilia felt like a new woman again and felt renewed joy as a mother! And beyond that – her whole family has benefited from sleep training. Her daughter is happier during her awake periods and her naps are longer. Cecilia and her husband are able to enjoy evenings as a couple. And bedtime is no longer something Cecilia dreads! It has become a sweet time of connection between her and her daughter.

Now on the west coast of Canada, Cecilia is honoured to work alongside families who are searching for this same joy. Sleep is necessary for the whole family – and a long-rested night IS achievable!