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Certified Angela Rigor

Angela is a mom to two sweet, daring and energetic children. After living in the Bay Area for over a decade, Angela and her family moved to Elk Grove, California to be closer to family. As a result of this move, her youngest son began struggling with sleep and waking the entire household every 2-3 hours. After being introduced to WeeSleep, her son began sleeping 11-12 hours through the night. Seeing first-hand the impact that healthy sleep had on her entire family, Angela was inspired to become a Sleep Consultant and share the WeeSleep magic with other families that may be struggling.

Understanding that every family dynamic is different, Angela enjoys creating a customized plan tailored to a family’s specific needs and situation. She is incredibly passionate about sleep and how healthy sleep plays a vital role in not only the relationship with her kids and husband but her overall well-being.

Her compassionate, caring and attentive nature makes her the perfect match to help your family achieve your personal sleep goals.