Certified Amber Monette

As the first member from Saskatchewan to join the WeeSleep team, Amber is excited to give families the amazing gift of sleep: energy to love and care for your baby fully during the day because you feel rested after a good night’s sleep.

Amber has always appreciated her sleep but when her son came into the world he had different plan. His idea of sleeping was napping for 20 minutes. At night, all she was getting was a two-hour stretch. Her husband is a grain farmer who works long hours so it was imperative to improve their baby’s sleep habits before her husband got busy in the field.

Amber started researching baby sleep habits, but all the advice just made her more unsure about what to do. It was WeeSleep© who encouraged her and gave her a starting point for teaching her baby to sleep and her family started getting the rest they all so desperately needed.

Amber’s positive experience with WeeSleep© made her want to help other families. Her passion for sleep inspired her to walk away from a sales and marketing career so she could continue to be with her son, but have a meaningful career as well.