Being able to help all of these wonderful babies and amazing parents who truly value healthy sleep for their child makes this career so thoroughly rewarding.

We know that so many, if not MOST, of our clients (especially the hubbies) are skeptical at first. And they should be! It all does sound too good to be true.

We say bring it on!

It was our strong belief in proper and most positive sleep methods and training that inspired The WeeSleep™ Dream Team to become professional sleep consultants, and we look forward to helping you and your family achieve the same results that our recent clients have been enjoying.

Here are some letters from some of our wonderful clients:


Janey is, simply put… brilliant. She knows her stuff, whipped me into shape and got my little on one a schedule. She isn’t just a sleep consultant. She gives you a great future.

Thanks from The Quinns

Dear Janey.
Sometimes parents just need a gentle push in the right direction. After 9 months of trying to get our daughter to sleep and trying everything, you finally got us set up on the right track. Our daughter would wake every 2-3 hours at night. Trying everything wasn’t working and you helped us… Read more “Thanks from The Quinns”

The Quinns

Thanks from The Wright Family

My husband and I were desperate for a good night of sleep by the time we contacted Janey. Our baby girl, who had just turned 7 months of age had not slept through the night since the day she was born! We kept hoping that this was something that she would grow out of, but… Read more “Thanks from The Wright Family”

The Wright Family

Thanks from Nirmal

Janey, we can’t begin to thank you enough for all of your help and support through our little one’s sleep issues. We were very hesitant on using a sleep consultant at first, thinking that he would grow out of his sleep issues and all will be well. But, boy were we wrong. At 3.5 months,… Read more “Thanks from Nirmal”


Thank you from Tiffany, Shrujal & Jasper

My husband and I were never really sure we wanted to sleep train our little guy. We were too leery of the “cry-it-out” versions and we were considering a more “attachment parenting” way of life. That was until Jasper turned 7 months old, and things were going from difficult to worse. We reached a point… Read more “Thank you from Tiffany, Shrujal & Jasper”

Tiffany, Shrujal & Jasper

Thanks from Amy & Keza

Before it gets away from me, I wanted to write a testimonial for you:
Janey was a lifesaver for us! We had read all of the sleep books, but couldn’t zero in on what would work to help our child sleep better. With great care, Janey came up with a plan for us that… Read more “Thanks from Amy & Keza”

Amy & Keza

Thanks from Kathy Peschell

I called Janey when my daughter Emily was 10 months old. We had been trying to sleep train her on our own since she was 4 months old – we tried different methods, but nothing seemed to work. In fact, things were getting worse. In the days leading up to my call to WeeSleep, Emily… Read more “Thanks from Kathy Peschell”

Kathy Peschell

Thanks from Rich, Kristen and Dylan

Thank you so much for your help. It took us a few months to decide to hire you. A lot of people said we could get Dylan sleeping on our own. Maybe we could have, but it would have taken much longer and I don’t think we would have gotten this type of consistency we… Read more “Thanks from Rich, Kristen and Dylan”

Rich, Kristen and Dylan

Thanks Janey from Danielle Sethi

Hi Janey,
Well I can’t believe two weeks has already passed since we started your program. I have to tell how much you have changed all of our lives for the better. When I called you the first time, I was exhausted, stressed and frustrated. Now a few short weeks later since that first… Read more “Thanks Janey from Danielle Sethi”

Danielle Sethi

Thank you from Aydin, May and Anthony

Hi Janey!
Before we started the WeeSleep program, Aydin’s sleep patterns were non-existent. Waking every 45-60 min, only nodding off in Mama’s arms, being cranky for lack of sleep and erratic eating were all the norm. May was near ill from sheer exhaustion; holding Aydin and even just trying to get a few minutes… Read more “Thank you from Aydin, May and Anthony”

Aydin, May and Anthony

Thanks from Heather, Steve & Jack

Dear Janey,
I want to officially thank you for giving us the wonderful gift of sleep! When I initially contacted you, Jack was 9 months old and still waking up once or twice during the night. I had been following your success stories for a couple of months and thought: “oh, wouldn’t that be… Read more “Thanks from Heather, Steve & Jack”

Heather, Steve & Jack

Thank you from Sarah, Michael and Thomas Wilkinson

When I was pregnant, I remember reading, “just before you put a baby to sleep, make sure they’re nice and drowsy”. That stuck with me, so for the first 14 months of Thomas’ life, I rocked, nursed, cuddled, put him in the stroller/car seat to get him ‘nice and drowsy’ so he would sleep for… Read more “Thank you from Sarah, Michael and Thomas Wilkinson”

Sarah, Michael and Thomas Wilkinson

Thanks from Amanda & Justin

Dear Janey,
Our little man Dax will be approaching 1 year March 1st…crazy to believe. A few months ago if you asked me if Dax has ever slept through the night my response would be a sarcastic laugh and a “that’ll be the day” He would be up many times through the night and… Read more “Thanks from Amanda & Justin”

Amanda & Justin

Thank you from Josée, Peter and Max Kuk

Dear Janey,
“Thank You” just does not seem adequate enough to convey how we feel about the program and the support you provided. You have been incredible to work with. Your continuous support and encouragement, your experience and knowledge and most importantly, your confidence was reassuring and motivating throughout this process.
Since birth,… Read more “Thank you from Josée, Peter and Max Kuk”

Josée, Peter and Max Kuk

Thanks from Sarah, Mike and baby Dafnée

Dear Janey,
I just wanted to say you have been amazing. You are patient, understanding and really know your stuff! You gave Mike and I the confidence and guidance we needed to help Dafnée become an independent sleeper.
Like most new mothers I had read every book and tried every sleep strategy but… Read more “Thanks from Sarah, Mike and baby Dafnée”

Sarah, Mike and baby Dafnée

Thank you from Candice, Anthony & Chiara Rizzo

My daughter Chiara is currently 8 months old and up until 2 weeks ago had been sleeping with my husband and I in our bed since she was 6 weeks old. None of us were sleeping well and we were exhausted on a daily basis trying to nap whenever we could. When we heard about… Read more “Thank you from Candice, Anthony & Chiara Rizzo”

Candice, Anthony & Chiara Rizzo

A Magical Experience

Dear Janey,
When we first started this (after 4 years of not sleeping) I asked myself, “What magic tricks could this woman possibly have that will stop my children from waking up a million times a night?” I have to admit I was very doubtful. Well, “that woman” who was extremely understanding, helpful and… Read more “A Magical Experience”

Thank you from Vanessa and James Cybulski

Hello Janey,
I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your patience and guidance through our sleep training regiment and just as predicted, our youngest is indeed sleeping through the night!
 You were available, adaptable, kind hearted and lovely to deal with over the 2 week stretch while we were trying to… Read more “Thank you from Vanessa and James Cybulski”

Vanessa and James Cybulski

Thanks from Ariane

We registered for and used the Sleep Sense program, but found that when problems arose, we needed personalized help. Janey’s advice was customized to our situation, and within 2 days, our one year old was going to sleep quietly and sleeping soundly through the night. The Sleep Sense program is great as a basic tool,… Read more “Thanks from Ariane”


Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Rachel Megitt

After 7.5 months of waking up every 2-3 hours with our daughter, I reached a new point of exhaustion.

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Rachel Megitt

Within 48 hours of our consultation, our daughter was sleeping through the night.

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Rachel Megitt

I have more energy, far more patience and I am able to enjoy every moment with my children that much more

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Maygan Thimio

Her mood is better and her health is better. Less tantrums, less runny noses and more belly laughs.

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Maygan Thimio

Thanks for giving us our bed back Lisa!

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Madiha Khan

Just want to say THANK YOU for allowing me to have my evenings back, and not to mention giving us our matrimonial bed back

Thank you Cara Myre from Eva Schultz, Baby D’s Mom

Within just a few days, my little guy had already made so much progress and began sleeping through the night, and I began to feel human again.

Thank you Cara Myre from Jessie Thompson, Baby R’s Mom

It has been pretty life changing for me, as I have a new found freedom to get things done at home when she naps!

Thank you Cara Myre from Ashley Janes, Baby E’s Mom

The greatest gifts we received by doing the Wee Sleep program are a well-rested, happier baby, and the confidence that anyone could put her to sleep without drama 🙂

Thank you Cara Myre from Alannah Carruthers, Baby C’s Mom

You eased all of my fears and worries and helped me through all of my mom anxieties. We will always be grateful to your compassion. I wouldn’t have been able to go through this training without your support and guidance.”

Thank you Cara Myre from Tanya Wall, Baby C’s Mom

We are all better off for having worked with Cara and the WeeSleep program. Our baby is getting the sleep he needs, my 5 year old has more time with Mommy again, and my husband and I have the evenings to enjoy together before getting a quality night sleep ourselves.

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Thank you Natalie from the bottom of our hearts

I was hesitant to do this as Roy is my second baby and we handled it on our own with my daughter BUT Roy was screaming all day and only napping on me, which could only happen well when my daughter had her nap. So I would sit in a dark room for hours rocking… Read more “Thank you Natalie from the bottom of our hearts”

Thank you Natalie from Antonio’s Mom

Just wanted to say, thank you for helping my family and I with sleep. Antonio has slept through the night ever since his second night of sleep training. He has awesome naps too! I’ve barely noticed any sleep regressions… maybe a few mornings were early but never anything before 6 A.M! Thank you so much… Read more “Thank you Natalie from Antonio’s Mom”

Thank you Natalie from Leo’s Mom

Well we are travelling right now and because of you (and the program) even in a different house he is sleeping through the night. You are right, it’s not always perfect and some nights he is “off”. He is quick to get back on track though. We have actually had family say what a great… Read more “Thank you Natalie from Leo’s Mom”

Thank you Natalie from Kim Archambault

I had the amazing privilege of working with Natalie for 4 whole weeks because I was having problems with my 2 little boys.  We started off with my baby who was 6 months old and then worked with my 2 year old.  I needed help desperately because they needed to share a room and I… Read more “Thank you Natalie from Kim Archambault”

Thank you Natalie from Jasmeet Minhas (Sahib)

After 8.5 months of sleepless nights with my little one, I finally came to the conclusion that no matter how many sleep training books or how many blogs I read on the internet, i need professional help. After doing a lot of research, I chose Weesleep platform. And boy was this the best investment for… Read more “Thank you Natalie from Jasmeet Minhas (Sahib)”

Thank you Natalie from Jacki Crone

I used the Rescue Me program with my daughter Fiona when she was 9 months old. I had been travelling with her frequently and she stopped sleeping anywhere other than her car seat. She would not let me lay her in her crib or next to me in bed, and she would just cry and… Read more “Thank you Natalie from Jacki Crone”

Thank you Kim from Gessica and Michael

Before working with Kim from WeeSleep, night time was a nightmare… For the past 15 months I had been living on 3-4 hours a sleep a night. After working with 2 other sleep coaches and no success I resigned myself to the fact that our son was just not a good sleeper. Up every half… Read more “Thank you Kim from Gessica and Michael”

Thank you Cara from Melanie Rose

Despite having read countless articles and advice about sleep, getting my daughter into a good routine, and trying to eliminate as many sleep props as possible, I was still waking up 4-6 times a night with our 6 month old. This started around 4 months and I chalked it up to the “4months sleep regression,”… Read more “Thank you Cara from Melanie Rose”

Thank you Vincenza from Sarah Ekmgk

A few people recommended Vincenza Lind via Facebook and she was exactly what I hoped for and needed in a sleep consultant… She gave me the confidence to teach my 13 month old how to sleep without any crutches. When I received the plan and it said he would no longer be taking a soother… Read more “Thank you Vincenza from Sarah Ekmgk”

Thank you Anne from the bottom of our hearts

The best decision we ever made ! Anne with Wee Sleep not only helped our little one get on a great schedule but allowed us too get our time back. Our little one is a great independent sleeper now. No feeding to sleep , no fussing when putting her down, just a great 12HRS of… Read more “Thank you Anne from the bottom of our hearts”

Thank you Stephanie from Liz Nell

I did this program with my first child and it worked great! She was sleeping through the night after 3 nights. I was nervous to do it again with my next child that is currently 5 months old, thinking there’s no way it would be as easy as my first. When I had my consultation… Read more “Thank you Stephanie from Liz Nell”

Thank you Diana from Nikki Singh

I recommend Diana from WeeSleep – she was amazing!!

Thank you Anne from Maggie Sundry

Anne was our sleep consultant and she changed our lives! She was extremely helpful, patient, and kind. She took our 5.5 month old who woke up 2-3 times a night and turned her into a PRO sleeper on night one! She is now 7 months old and still (knock on wood) has slept through the… Read more “Thank you Anne from Maggie Sundry”

Thank you Anne from Natasha Wanderley

Amazing support through the journey of sleep training! Anne was our consultant and she was there for us and had all the answers when we’re in doubt! Our little one sleeps so much better and a happier baby overall!

Thank you Akira from Alyssa Clutterbuck

I worked with Akira for my daughter, who was 7 months old at the time. We were struggling with getting her in the crib and learning to sleep independently. Akira worked miracles. Once we started the two-week program, my daughter slept through the night every night. The WeeSleep techniques worked very well and the feedback… Read more “Thank you Akira from Alyssa Clutterbuck”

Thank you Akira from Michelle’s Mom

Thank you Akira for helping us to recover our sleep and smiles. We were going crazy 2 weeks ago and now we sleep all night and smile all day. Thank you so much for all your guidance to help me understand Michelle’s sleeping patterns. You changed our lives.

Thank you Diana Martins from Givy Pava

It’s been over a month since we started our sleep journey with your guidance and plan, I cannot stop raving about how amazing it has been. From sleeping in our room, being rocked to sleep and multiple night wakings, I was one exhausted and overworked mom. With your plan and encouragement we have been going… Read more “Thank you Diana Martins from Givy Pava”

Thank you Anne Del Valle from Sonny Dhanda

Working with WeeSleep – Anne was nothing short of a delight, from the initial 15 minutes consult to the wrap-up call (very bittersweet). Anne was HIGHLY knowledgeable, made us feel comfortable about the process, and pumped us up. My wife and I cannot sing enough praises about her to our family and friends! We honestly could not… Read more “Thank you Anne Del Valle from Sonny Dhanda”

Thank you Anne from the bottom of our hearts

We had Anne and I LOVED her!! She was very patient and told me straight what I needed to adjust and what we did right. Very quick to respond and explain in great detail!!

Thank you Anne, you’re amazing!

Anne Del Valle!! She is the most amazing person to work with, on top of knowing her stuff and being extremely educated on sleep training! There were times of frustration BUT with Anne’s support and motivation she always ended up being right! My little man has come such a long way in just two weeks… Read more “Thank you Anne, you’re amazing!”

Thank you Anne from the bottom of our hearts

Looking  back on our last conversation I remember being sleep deprived,desperate and in need of help. Being sleep deprived for over 5 months really gets to you! Finding  Anne Del Valle and you’re team at Wee Sleep was a God sent. Anne changed my whole life for the better, I’m not kidding. Thanks to Anne… Read more “Thank you Anne from the bottom of our hearts”

Thank you Anne Del Valle from Sofia Rad

The best decision we’ve ever made!! My husband and I were going on 5 months of no sleep, we were tired frustrated and barely making it through the day. Then in one day, I stumbled across Anne Del Valle on Mrs. Patels IG and I immediately connected with everything she had to say about sleep… Read more “Thank you Anne Del Valle from Sofia Rad”

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Linden’s mom

“We hired Lisa to help us with our 7 month-old’s incessant night wakings – 6 or more times a night, EVERY NIGHT. She had been co-sleeping and feeding on demand throughout the night since the day after she was born, so her habit of crying and ending up in bed with mama was fully formed.… Read more “Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Linden’s mom”

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Demi’s mom

Thanks again for all your help! Really is life changing!

Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Lorena’s mom

“Here’s my advice: It is OK to seek help, it is OK to ask, search and trust professionals like Lisa in this area. NO, is not normal going through parenthood without sleeping, no matter what people say, lack of sleep is a serious thing that can affect your life in so many ways, I know… Read more “Thank you Lisa Kvapil from Lorena’s mom”

Thank you Stephanie Ellis from Harper’s mom

No matter how impossible you think your baby’s sleep issues are to conquer, if Stephanie could help our daughter, there is not a doubt in my mind that she can help you.

Thank you Stephanie Ellis from Jake and Ella’s mom

We are so happy we did this and didn’t wait any longer!! We are just so excited about sleep these days!

Thank you Stephanie Ellis from Wes’ mom

Thank you so much for the best 10 days ever! Thanks again and I think I recommended you to at least 8 Moms in the last 2 weeks…lol

Thank you Stephanie Ellis from Brooklyn’s mom

It actually almost made me cry because she is growing so fast and I am just so proud of her. She has completely blown my mind with her transformation. 

Thank you Heather Sharpe from Samuel’s Mom

Our son was waking every 3 hours during the night. Now he’s sleeping 10 to 12 hours straight! Really happy with the personalized program she did for us and the amazing support! Thank you Heather!

Thank you Heather Sharpe from Ellie’s Mom

Heather at Weesleep has been AMAZING! I I will highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help with getting their child into healthy sleep habits.”

Thank you from all of us at WeeSleep™