Build Your Body’s Best Defense

woman-699001_1920Tired. Coughing. And sneezing. With a nose that won’t stop running. “Again?!” you exclaim, befuddled as to how your teetering tot has managed to pick up yet another illness that will inevitably spread throughout the entire family like wildfire (likely starting with you!).

As you brace yourself for the tears, trials and tribulations, you think, “There must be SOMETHING I can do to help prevent this from happening ALL the time!”

While we all know we can’t stop our wee ones from putting toys in theirs mouths, touching other kids at daycare and spreading their germs, we can give them a fighting chance at fending off this year’s cold monster. “How?” you ask. Get their health into gear.

Start with sleep. Our bodies are capable of incredible things while we’re awake – but it’s during the hours that we’re asleep when our body resets, rejuvenates and recovers. Your immune system is a huge part of this. It protects you against disease and illness and helps you get better if you do get sick. Clocking enough quality sleep – every single night – can give your immune system a leg up on the cold competition.

If you don’t get enough sleep, or aren’t getting quality sleep, your immune system produces less infection-fighting antibodies and you are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus – like this year’s brand of the common cold. Adults need seven to eight hours of good sleep a night, while newborns need 16-18 hours total, and older babies and toddlers need 10-12 hours right up until adulthood. Questions? Worried about your baby or toddler’s sleep? WeeSleep is here to help.

Don’t forget, everyone is different and some people who have stronger immune systems can take longer to get run down. But mark my words – lack of sleep will chase you down and always catch up with you.

Put simply, if you want you and your family to be healthy, get into a routine and get into bed. Sooner rather than later! Try out our tips below.

Lights Outs: Children need to sleep in dark rooms to properly secrete the sleep hormone Melatonin.

Unplug: Remove all unnecessary electronic devices from the bedroom at night.

Get Into a Routine: A regular bedtime routine is key to a healthy sleep! Need help establishing bedtime routines? Can’t figure out why your baby, toddler or child won’t fall or stay asleep? Our sleep consultants can help.

Get Your Greens: Healthy, nutritious food choices (lots of fruits and veggies!) pack a powerful punch of immune-boosting nutrients and antioxidants – the fresher, brighter and more colourful the better!

Hygiene Habits: Washing your hands with soap (have the kids sing Happy Birthday) and disinfecting surfaces will help reduce the germs lurking around your home and will create healthy habits that will stick with your kids forever.

Encourage Exercise: Regular exercise helps our white blood cells fight off illness. And who knows, you may just even tire the kids out – resulting in a better night’s sleep for the both of you!

Eat well. Sleep even better. And don’t let the flu (or any other illness) get you!