Baby Naps- From 2 to 1

I quite often have moms that I have worked with call me and ask how they transition their baby from one from 2 naps to 1 and WHEN they should do it…  First of all, there a couple things that can indicate your child is ready to go down to 1 nap.  They may be taking longer to fall asleep at their second nap time….or they may only sleep a short stint and babble and hang out while in the crib.  Many moms have to go back to work so have to transition down to 1 nap in order to prepare for daycare.  If you don’t have to and your daycare will honour 2 naps or you have a nanny or another caregiver, keep 2 naps- for 13-15 months if you can.  Also, take it slow.  Try not to rush the transition and know that you may have to deal with a little grumpy toddler for a week or so until they adjust.  A few tips for a successful transition:

1.  If the regular nap time is 10 am- bump to 10:30 for 3-5 days and  lay your little one down for an afternoon nap or quiet time.  They may not sleep but quiet time is good for them.  If he/she does doze off, don’t let them sleep past 4:30 and mess up your bedtime

2.  Bump nap to 11 for another 3-5 days and do the same in the afternoon


3.  Bump nap to 11:30 for another 3-5 days.  By this time there likely won’t be time for an afternoon nap.  You may have a very tired little one at dinner time.  Choose an earlier bedtime if you need to

Until your little one is 2+, they probably will do better with a nap time before 1 pm.

Good luck and happy running around!  Instead of counting on the morning and afternoon nap for free Mommy time, you are on the move and get a 2 hour break midday instead.  It is worth every second but it also takes us a bit to adjust to!  If you have a good little sleeper to begin with, this should be a breeze!