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Welcome to WeeSleep

If you are here, you are likely walking the halls at night with your new baby or struggling to get them to go for a nap during the day or sleep through the night. I went through it too when my son was a baby. I understand the challenges of being sleep deprived while trying to function throughout the day. This is supposed to be a joyful time, but when everyone is losing sleep, it can feel overwhelming.

When I learned how to overcome these sleep challenges, I felt inspired to become a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant. I could help other parents gain the skills to teach their children to become independent sleepers with the bonus of running my business from home. I decided to ditch my corporate marketing career and haven’t looked back.

Because I believe being sleep deprived
is NOT a badge of honor

We’re all about delivering the most effective and personal sleep solutions to help parents understand it is possible to have it all! Sleep, exercise, proper meals, and to be intimate with your partner while raising a small human.

Your child is about to be sleeping through the night.

We guarantee it!

The Pursuit
of better sleep

Janey founded WeeSleep in 2011 after training with an internationally renowned pediatric sleep specialist. She went on to create a team of Success Specialists who coach and mentor our Dream Team of certified infant and toddler sleep consultants. Sharing the gift of sleep has by extension shown other moms a way they can have a satisfying career that they can manage from home. Our team is continuously growing as WeeSleep expands globally.

We believe that teaching positive sleep skills will create healthier infants and toddlers, and in turn, healthier, happier parents who have a more balanced home life.