Welcome! I am Janey Reilly, Founder of WeeSleep

As a mom that struggled to give her own baby the healthy, restful sleep he needed as he grew, I know first-hand what it’s like to have a child battling with sleep issues. That’s why I started WeeSleep – to give families like mine the gift of sleep. Through a team of sleep experts, we provide our clients with tools, guidance, one-on-one coaching, and the support needed to improve their child’s sleep health, as well as the parents’ sanity.


We’re here to help resolve your infant’s or toddler’s sleep issues!

If your little one is struggling to fall asleep on their own, rest soundly through the night, or take proper naps, you’ve come to the right place. Let WeeSleep show you how to dramatically change your child’s relationship with sleep in as little as 10 days.

The Sleep Healthy Check List:

You’re in the right place if you are experiencing ANY or ALL of the following (and we certainly hope this isn’t the case) :

  • You are overwhelmed by conflicting sleep advice
  • Your legs are sore from all of the walking and rocking your baby to sleep
  • Your child can’t fall asleep without you in the room
  • You’re struggling to remember what day it is
  • You know you need to do something, but just don’t know where to start
  • You are struggling to get your child to nap
  • Your baby starts to cry the second you crawl into bed
  • You feel like a professional driver because the car is the ONLY place your child will sleep
  • You are tired of being tired!
  • If you need to understand your infant’s or toddler’s sleep, and change your current situation quickly in a very positive and LOVING WAY so they can start getting healthy and restful sleep
How do we help your family?

If your child is struggling with sleep issues, but you’re out of ideas as to how you can help them, WeeSleep is here for you.

Quite simply, we take the guesswork out of sleep. Sleep training is all we do, and as such, we are able to provide each parent we work with an actionable set of steps specifically designed for the unique needs of their child. No more guessing. No more trial and error. The results? Healthy, restful sleep for not just your child, but your entire family.

And the results speak for themselves. With families that follow our plans through the duration of the program, WeeSleep has a 98% success rate in getting children to sleep through the night (10-12 hours) in two weeks or less.

If you are looking for healthy and proper habits for your child, and blissful nights for the whole family, we are glad you have found us. You’re in the right place!

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How Do We Differ

While there are many places you can go for (often questionable) sleep advice, WeeSleep’s approach offers two unique focus areas that have allowed us to achieve incredible success rates year after year.

The first part of approach is simple: unique solutions of unique children. We understand that the issues your little struggles with may be entirely different than that of the neighbour’s child. That’s why our Sleep Consultants work tirelessly to understand the specific issues at hand before they recommend any treatment steps. By taking the time to understand the individual needs of your child, we can develop a program that is tailor-made to give them a better night’s sleep in just a few days.

The second part of our unique approach is our focus on Mom. Parents play a vital role in the successful sleep training of their child. By working hand-in-hand with mom, our Sleep Consultants can develop a program that is easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow, and in alignment with your unique parenting decisions and lifestyle choices. Our programs are made to work with you and your family, ensuring that not only do the children become healthier and more well rested, but moms do too.

The WeeSleep™ Dream Team’s mission is to help your baby (#1) and YOU get the sleep that is so critical to your overall wellness.

“We are dedicated to helping parents solve their babies sleep challenges in a positive and personal way so babies can rest and thrive and parents can rejoice!”

About Janey Reilly

The Inside Scoop

WeeSleep™ was founded by me, Janey Reilly. I am an expert Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant who consults families around the globe and coaches and mentors a team to do the same!

WeeSleep™ launched after I realized how important infant & toddler sleep is, and after struggling with my son’s sleep issues and seeing and hearing about so many families having difficulties. I knew providing babies and families with healthy sleep was where I would find the most rewards in my professional life. If you noticed, I have a tattoo…yup…and what does it mean? “My angel” Why? I call my son my angel and I did this all for him. So I could help other tired families and have the freedom to be home with him! I am passionate about healthy living, nutrition & fitness, and of course BABY & TODDLER SLEEP! Myself and the WeeSleep team are dedicated to helping parents solve their babies sleep challenges in a positive and personal way so babies can rest and thrive and parents can rejoice!

Prior to my becoming a mom and starting this contagious “baby sleep revolution” if you will, you could find me developing relationship marketing campaigns with Disney by day and studying everything baby at night!

I have completed intensive training and supervision with a globally renowned pediatric sleep specialist and continue to further my education in the field through workshops and meetings with other health professionals. After 7 years of consulting thousands of families, I have now extensively trained and continue to coach and mentor a team of WeeSleep™ Certified Consultants so we can provide even more families the gift of healthy sleep. WeeSleep™’s methods are GENTLE, LOVING, CARING, AND GUIDED.

WeeSleep™ is actively involved with local medical professionals providing regular seminars and supporting patients with WeeSleep™’s sleep expertise. We are also involved with childcare centers, health & wellness facilities, and various support groups to provide workshops and assistance. We have also partnered with leading companies and online magazines to offer support and advice to their network of parents.

The WeeSleep™ approach when working with families is very “real”. The team is professional, compassionate, and devoted AND we are all real moms who understand the struggles you are experiencing. It is most rewarding to be able to coach infants, toddlers, and their families to sleep well!


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