A Bit Of Mamaluv

I felt inclined to share the luv today…..I sit here bundled up at my desk with the worlds worst sinus infection and wishing I had someone to cater to me.  My baby boy is only 1 and my hubby is off doing a photoshoot and then playing hockey and one of my best friends in the whole entire world just had a baby girl and I am thinking I really should send her some “luv”!  I do have a gift which needs to get into the mail but….I kinda want to spoil her…Ah what to do?! So I am thinking maybe she needs some “Mamaluv”…..

For those of you who have not heard of Mamaluv, it is such a cool concept!  Mamaluv helps make people’s lives MUCH easier when they need it most: new baby, get-well, condolences, busy professionals, seniors- or simply just “because”.  I adore getting flowers but what I cannot stand is getting crappy flower arrangements that somebody pays a fortune for and then they sadly wilt away within a day or two and then I am throwing them out.  Don’t get me wrong- they cheer me up and I love them BUT I have to say I would MUCH prefer a catered meal.  Now you’re talkin’!  That is what Mamaluv does- they prepare gourmet meals that are healthy and come with all nutritional info.  The meals are prepared and delivered locally throughout Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and BC.  Another fabulous thing about Mamaluv is the recipient gets to choose the the meals they want from an extensive menu.  I say the next time you are racking your brain trying to figure out what to buy someone who has just had a baby or who is down in the dumps and needs some cheering up….it is as simple as this

Tracy Goodson-Mackay is the founder of Mamaluv.  As new parents her and her husband took the quick solution route and ordered take-out and from that their energy suffered and they felt tired and heavy and their child screamed all night long.  EEK!  That is not what any mom needs especially with a newborn!  Tracy then came up with the genius idea of sending people healthy (breastfeeding- friendly) catered meals as a gift instead of flowers (because …I mean REALLY, do you even get a chance to stop to smell them and enjoy them while you are literally run off your feet changing diapers, whipping out a boob, and trying to get your little one to sleep!!?!?).  That is how Mamaluv became what it is and it has branched out from there….I am totally in love with the concept if I do say so myself.  Being a bit of a food freakazoid I love that she also works with a Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator.  I am afraid of the packaged food out there and I adore the fact that these meals are nutritious and delicious.  I cannot stand that SO many people STILL think that nutritious food cannot be good…But that is a whole other blog post!  Don’t get me started!

Now after all this writing of yumminess and comfort – I wish I had a Mamaluv GC!  Looks like I will have to settle for leftover chicken and salad…..But I am also left with Mompreneur power!  Tracy is a perfect example of a Mompreneur with an amazing idea and the courage to roll it out….Yeah Tracy!

I feel the luv -don’t you?