5 Reminders Every Parent Needs to Hear

Parenthood is no easy journey and even during those moments when you don’t feel like it, you’ve made immense progress. Below are some reminders that parents can take with them into the new year and beyond as a way to remember to show grace to themselves and to others.

1. The “Perfect Parent” doesn’t exist

In this day in age, it’s difficult to admit that you’re not a “perfect parent,” especially when it looks or feels like the ones around you have it all together. The truth is, showing up everyday and trying your best is more than enough. Despite the bad days, the hard days, the mistakes, and the imperfections, there is growth and something to be learned throughout it all. Let go of the idea that things have to be “perfect” all the time. The good moments will be worth it. Rather than feeling guilty, learn to transform that feeling of guilt and give yourself grace instead.

2. You are uniquely you and that is your superpower

Not only does bringing a tiny human into this world instantly label you as a superhero, but the fact that there is no other parent like you is impressive. The way you parent or do things may differ from others and that is completely okay. Not everyone in parenthood will have the same journey, but what will always make your journey throughout parenthood special is that it is your own and non one else’s. So, before you feel pressure to make changes based on what others are doing, or the pressure to want to label something you’re doing as “wrong,” remember to never lose sight of what makes you the amazing parent that you are to your child.

3. Treat yourself like your best friend

Let’s be real. Once we step into parenthood, there’s a lot of things for ourselves that we tend to put on hold whether it be due to feelings of guilt or feeling of lack or not being “good enough”. If you haven’t done so lately, make sure to set some time aside to check in with yourself, identify the needs that could use more attention and give yourself compassion. Replace the negative thoughts by embracing self-love, compassion and plenty of grace. There is no measurement that dictates what is good enough and what isn’t. The more you practice self-compassion and grace, the more you can give that same attention to others.

4. Accept and acknowledge your challenges

Parenthood is a never ending cycle of highs and lows, ups and downs. You’re bound to come across challenges and face mistakes, but you must not let those moments get you down. Instead, turn those moments into lessons. They can be the very thing that shapes you into the best version of yourself and the parent you were destined to be. You must not forget to lose sight of the good moments as well. Placing your energy towards the positive moments rather than the negative moments always makes for the best outcome.

5. Your baby loves you unconditionally

While it may be hard to unleash some of the pressure that we place on ourselves in parenthood, or to remember to show love to ourselves, there’s someone that always will—that is your baby. At the end of the day, you mean the world to your tiny human. They love you unconditionally and when you show up every day trying your best, their love is a reminder that your efforts will always be worth it and that you’re doing just fine.

Letting go of the negative thoughts and doubts and replacing them with positive reminders is sometimes all you need to put your best foot forward during this journey we call parenthood. Whenever you find yourself feeling down and disappointed in your journey as the new year begins, disrupt those thoughts with some of the reminders above.