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4 Elements of a Safe Sleep Space

If you’re anything like us, you started planning nursey décor as soon as those two pink lines appeared on the pregnancy test. It’s so easy to get caught up in choosing the perfect shade of paint, cute wall décor and a fabulous light fixture that we don’t always focus on creating a SAFE place for baby to sleep.

Safe sleep is something we’re serious about year-round at WeeSleep, but with September being Baby Safety Month, we wanted to take the time to outline 4 key elements of a safe sleep space. We know that peace of mind is priceless especially when it comes to your little ones. It’s our hope that these 4 elements take the guess work out of creating a safe, cozy space for your baby to sleep soundly.

1. Invest in a good baby monitor

Source: LeapFrog Baby

A baby monitor is not only important for your baby to sleep safely but we know it helps parents to sleep soundly too. We always suggest monitors like the LeapFrog Digital Video Monitor with Remote Access (LF925HD).

This amazing monitor offers:

• Free, live remote access via your Smartphone or tablet
• High-definition video quality with a color LCD screen
• 360-degree pan, tilt and camera zoom
• Temperature and humidity sensors
• Long lasting battery
• Automatic infrared night vision – it really is crystal clear!
• Free, professional, in-app tips and advice from WeeSleep and LeapFrog on the importance of sleep in your baby’s development.

Before investing in a monitor, it’s important to determine how many receivers you need and how wide of a signal range is necessary for your home.

A few reminders about monitors:

1. You’ll want to install the monitor at an angle that allows you to see the entire crib
2. Ensure your monitor is out of baby’s reach – that means we don’t want it installed on or inside the crib
3. If you’re choosing to wall-mount the monitor, ensure any cords are at least 3 feet away from the crib
4. These go without saying, but we’ll say them anyways – a monitor is never a replacement for adult supervision and are not SIDS safeguards

We love VTech and LeapFrog baby monitors. Our Dream Team has been recommending them to our clients for many years and will continue to! Click here to shop our favourite baby monitors if you’re in Canada, and here, if you’re in the USA.

2. Give baby their own sleep space

Source: VTech USA

All babies and toddlers need a dedicated safe place for sleep – and bonus, they’ll likely sleep more soundly (and longer!) if they do. The American Academy of Paediatrics and Canadian Pediatric Society say this can include a traditional crib with a firm mattress, a pack and play or a bassinet.
Anything other than these three options are not rated for sleep and need to be used under direct supervision – think swings, car seats (when used outside of the car) and baby loungers.

3. Keep the crib boring

Source: LeapFrog Baby

Choose a firm, flat mattress for the crib and keep soft materials out of your baby’s sleep environment. Get rid of any big blankets, bumper pads, pillows, stuffed animals, and toys. If you want to add another layer for bedtime and naps, we suggest using a swaddle (a wearable blanket that keeps baby’s arms close to his/her body) or sleepsack (a wearable blanket that allows baby’s arms to move freely). These wearable blankets are not only a great way to keep baby warm but signal that it’s time for sleep.

4. Keep an eye on room temperature

We know that overheating a baby is dangerous. We also know that cold babies don’t sleep well. Keep your baby’s room nice and cool, around 65 – 70 degrees F. Some baby monitors include a temperature reading on them which is great, or you can feel your baby’s chest or the back of their neck to see if they’re too warm. Avoid feeling their hands or feet as they’re usually cooler than the rest of their body.
So, you’ve created a safe sleep place for your baby. But what if they’re not sleeping? We can help with that too. Book a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our Dream Team Consultants.

Disclosure: We received samples from our partner, VTech Communications Inc., in order to share our opinion about their products and the importance of monitors for Baby Safety Month, but this isn’t a sponsored post.