23 Activities to do Outside the Home in Baby’s First Year

Your first year with your baby is such a magical time, and no doubt, you want to make the most of every moment. It happens so often for moms of infants and toddlers that days can go by and you feel like you haven’t left the home (and might even be going a little bit stir-crazy!). While we are huge endorsers of quality sleep and plenty of rest, we also know that getting out and being active and social is a huge benefit to both mom and baby.

Here is a list of over 20 activities we’ve compiled just for you and your mini to enjoy the outdoors, and to start building a lifetime of special moments and traditions together:

Outdoor Crafts

Learn Shapes

Bring your baby’s toys outdoors on a beautiful day. Help them learn their shapes by having them place each shape in the correct place. Infant puzzles are designed to help educate and stimulate your child’s mind while learning what shapes are.

Take Paint Outside

Arts ‘n crafts doesn’t always have to be an indoor activity. Bring the canvas and the safe, non-toxic paint outdoors to let your infant finger paint with you. Look around and get inspired by nature, animals and bugs.


If you have a deck in your backyard, place the colouring book on a smooth surface. Guide your infants hands as you colour your favourite cartoon characters together.

Sticker Books

Have some fun with sticker books by creating fun pictures. Add them to your colouring book for even more fun! Stick them on your toddler’s nose, it will give them a chuckle.

Chalk Up Your Driveway

Your driveway isn’t just meant for mommy and daddy’s cars, it’s also a great, big canvas! Playing with chalk is a classic outdoor crafty activity that is fun for everyone. Create fun designs with your baby by introducing them to another artsy method. Teach them the names of the colours as you draw shapes with them. This way, they will learn the colours and shapes at the same time.