15 Things your Boss Wishes you knew about Healthy Sleep

sleeping at work

  1. Sleep makes you more alert. Your boss is tired of complaints about you dropping things, forgetting meetings, and mowing colleagues over in the hallway as you do the sleep-deprived zombie-walk to the water cooler. Lack of sleep impairs attention, alertness and concentration.


  1. Sleep makes you smarter. Sleep plays an important role in thinking, learning, and memory, which are vital assets for ANY employee to have!


  1. Healthy sleep makes you… healthier! Stop hiking up the company’s insurance premiums, please! Chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and diabetes.


  1. Happiness IS healthy sleep: In addition to general irritability, lack of sleep can contribute to symptoms of depression and anxiety. So do yourself and those around you a favour, and get some healthy Zs!


  1. Sleep loss impairs short-term memory: People who are sleep deprived will have trouble remembering even a few digits of a phone number, never mind remembering all of the elements of a complex task, duty, or presentation.


  1. Sleep deprivation impairs your judgement about sleep deprivation: If you think you’re doing fine on less sleep, you’re probably wrong. And if you work in a job where it’s important to be able to judge how well you are functioning, this is a serious problem! Many people severely lacking in sleep think they have just “gotten used to” little sleep, but if you ask the people around them – including their bosses and colleagues! – they will tell you otherwise!


  1. Lack of sleep messes with your emotions: Sleep deprived people tend to be highly emotional, with many ups and downs throughout the day, which can affect their productiveness and their work relationships.


  1. Lack of sleep can cause obesity: If you work in a profession where it is important that you be particularly fit and energetic, sleep deprivation can take a toll.


  1. Stop taking so many sick days! Lack of sleep can compromise your immune system. If you seem to catch EVERY cold that goes around and have to constantly be taking time off work, it is likely due to your sleep deprivation.


  1. Exhaustion makes you a less useful employee: When you are constantly tired, leading to sheer exhaustion, you experience feelings of total lethargy, meaning you want to do absolutely nothing all day long. This does not make you a valuable asset to your boss!


  1. Unhealthy sleep habits impair your judgement and coordination: If you work in a job where you require particularly good hand-eye coordination and reaction times (if you handle heavy machinery, work with small objects, etc.), you’d better be getting healthy sleep! Sleep deprivation delays reaction time and impairs these important functions.


  1. Lack of sleep may increase your risk of death: Your boss and your colleagues LIKE you – and they’d like to keep you around! Sleep deprivation can cause serious health issues leading to death, and can also contribute to motor vehicle accidents due to loss of concentration and decreased attention span.


  1. Your lack of sleep is affecting others: You are grumpier, less attentive, and less present for others when you are severely lacking sleep. Your boss, your colleagues, your spouse, and your children all pay the price for this lack of sleep because it can so significantly impair your mood.


  1. Catching up on sleep isn’t THAT difficult: just a couple of good nights’ sleeps can get your system back on track and have you feeling and acting like your normal, awesome self again!


  1. Turn OFF your “work-mind” to get some healthy sleep: Happy employees make for happy bosses. Healthy sleep makes for happy people. So your boss would probably RATHER you turn off your smart phone, close your laptop, and take some time for yourself to wind down each night before bed, and get some healthy, uninterrupted rest, so that you can function at your best the next day!