12 Reasons You Shouldn’t Invest in Healthy Sleep

Anxiety, irritability, and a low libido are amazing… right? Well, they all come hand-in-hand with sleep deprivation. So, if you’re in the market for relationship challenges and low immunity, here are 12 fantastic reasons why you should definitely not invest in healthy sleep:


  1. Better Health: Consistently getting a good night’s sleep can curb some serious health problems, such as heart disease, heart attacks, and diabetes. And who would want to fight off those super-fun health issues?!
  1. Lower stress: Sleep can reduce stress levels, which – in turn – allows you to be more patient and emotionally present for those around you, including your spouse and children. But, if you’re not a fan of smiley, happy households then, by all means, skip the sleep!
  1. Sleep helps you think clearly and make decisions: It’s 2016. The amount of information we consume daily, and the number of decisions we must make on an hourly basis, are extraordinary. However, if you are still living in 1927, then sleep is – of course – no biggie.
  1. Better Sex Life: Plain and simple, the more exhausted you are, the less likely you are to want to engage in any bedroom activity other than sleeping! So, if you’re not looking to advance your sex life, then you should definitely not invest in great sleep.
  1. Less Pain: There is a link between sleep loss and a lower pain threshold. So be sure to reduce your Z’s if you feel you’re simply not in enough chronic pain lately.
  1. Lower risk of injury: Sleep deprivation and overtiredness are linked to an increased likelihood of accidents, including those as minor as trips and falls, and those as major as serious car accidents. If you’re into thrill-seeking and you really want to find out how tired you can be without accidentally walking into oncoming traffic, then sleep deprivation is the way to do it!
  1. Better mood: Well-rested people are happier people. And, let’s face it, nobody likes a cheerful colleague, a jovial colleague, or a pleasant partner, right?
  1. Weight control: Sleep loss can result in an increased risk of weight gain. This is because those who are overtired are less likely to have energy for exercising and Tiredjunkcooking healthy meals, and also because sleep deprivation causes a lowering of the hormone that helps us feel full, causing us to be hungrier and often crave high-calorie foods. So if you’re one of those people who simply never worries about their weight (those people exist… right?) then healthy sleep is certainly not for you.
  1. Better memory: Our brains consolidate our day’s activities and process our memories while we sleep. Without enough sleep, those memories can be lost. So be sure not to invest in great sleep if your goal is to wipe out your recollection of all the good times.
  1. Increased immunity: People who get insufficient sleep are more likely to get sick – and less likely to fight off colds and flus quickly – than people who got at least eight hours of sleep a night. But lots of people really like the taste of cough syrup, don’t they?!
  1. Sharper attention: While adults who are deprived of sleep may experience daytime fatigue and nod off at work, children who are lacking proper sleep are often hyperactive – both result in difficulties concentrating on either simple or complex tasks throughout the day. So, definitely do not look into getting more sleep if you are a big fan of missing deadlines, being late for meetings, and compulsory mid-day under-your-desk naps.
  1. Live longer: Too little sleep is associated with a shorter lifespan. Nuff said.