10 Benefits Mom Will Enjoy After Sleep Training

  1.  A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP!  It is unreal what a full night’s sleep of 8+ hours can do for us as moms!  Not only are we less moody, we don’t have to rely on caffeine as much (but, please do go ahead and enjoy it!), you won’t put your underwear in the toothbrush drawer and your toothbrush with your underwear! And you will wake up with a PEP in your step!  We promise!2
  2. BREATHING SPACE.  That’s right Mama.  You will have some breathing space.  Some time to regroup, be you, have that cup of tea, catch up on that new book that’s been on your bedside table for months unopened, read that trashy magazine, workout, or sit and simply do NOTHING! IN PEACE!
  3. A RESTED BABY.  This means less crying, less fussing, less whining.  Need we say more?
  4. TIME WITH YOUR PARTNER.  Remember the person that sleeps beside you?  Or who is in the spare room now so you can both get some sleep or because there are kids in your bed?  Ya, that person.  You will now have a few precious hours every night to enjoy each other….have a glass of wine together, play Scrabble, Watch Netflix and “chill”.
  5. STRONGER + LONGER NAPS.  Sleep begets sleep. Better nights, better days.  No more 20-minute naps or having your arms full while your baby sleeps. This means you can actually get caught up on stuff you have been wanting to do that has been weighing on you. Spring cleaning, taking down the Christmas tree,  organizing closets (hello Marie Kondo!), baking your fav cookies (and eating them all yourself!
  6. NO MORE ZOMBIE WALKS.  Night wakings will not be happening which means, you are no longer getting up in the middle of the night.  No more stubbed toes or begging your partner to go and put the baby back to sleep. Your babe will know how to self soothe so a little shout out or roughing around here or there while she falls back to sleep on her own!  A skill your child will have for life!
  7. A CALMER BEDTIME ROUTINE.   No more stress of not knowing when your child will fall asleep, or IF they will.  Bath, jammies, sleep sack, short story, a little song and a little “I love you, time for sleep” and BAM…..happy baby.
  8. TRAVEL.  Been afraid to go to Aunt Betty’s amazing beachside resort because you are embarrassed you would keep everyone up?  Or what about that all-inclusive trip to Mexico you want to go on but couldn’t possibly bring all the gear you would normally use to get to sleep- rocking chair, exercise ball, the swing…… Grab your suitcase mama!  Pack a sleep sack, a white noise machine, a snuggly friend and you will be beachside in no time!
  9. HAPPY MOM. Sweet happy night-night smiles from your babe all snuggled in, is pretty sweet.  No more bedtime battles. Go have a hot bubble filled bath mama! You deserve it! HOORAY!
  10. WINE + NETFLIX.  How great is it to be able to cozy in, tune into a favorite series, binge-watch and drink wine AND still get 8-9 hours sleep!